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Driveway Gate

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Questions? Need Multiple Gates?
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StandardGates Gate Part 1
StandardGates Gate Part 2
StandardGates Gate Part 3
StandardGates Gate Part 4
StandardGates Gate Part 5
StandardGates Gate Part 6
StandardGates Gate Part 7
StandardGates Gate Part 8
StandardGates Gate Part 9
StandardGates Gate Part 10
StandardGates Gate Part 11
StandardGates Gate Part 12
StandardGates Gate Part 13
StandardGates Gate Part 14
StandardGates Gate Part 15
StandardGates Gate Part 16
StandardGates Gate Part 17
StandardGates Gate Part 18
StandardGates Gate Part 19
StandardGates Gate Part 20
StandardGates Gate Part 21
StandardGates Gate Part 22
StandardGates Gate Part 23
StandardGates Gate Part 24
StandardGates Gate Part 25
StandardGates Gate Part 26
StandardGates Gate Part 27
StandardGates Gate Part 28
StandardGates Gate Part 29
StandardGates Gate Part 30
StandardGates Gate Part 31
StandardGates Gate Part 32
StandardGates Gate Part 33
StandardGates Gate Part 34
StandardGates Gate Part 35
StandardGates Gate Part 36
StandardGates Gate Part 37
StandardGates Gate Part 38
StandardGates Gate Dim 1
StandardGates Gate Dim 2
StandardGates Gate Dim 3
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Gateway Width











Add Pedestrian Gate
Note: Gates ordered with fencing will have square, non-round, pickets.

Steel Fence

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StandardGates Fence Part 1
StandardGates Fence Part 2
StandardGates Fence Part 3
StandardGates Fence Part 4
StandardGates Fence Part 5
StandardGates Fence Part 6
StandardGates Fence Part 7
StandardGates Fence Part 8
StandardGates Fence Part 9
StandardGates Fence Part 10
StandardGates Fence Dim 1
StandardGates Fence Dim 2
StandardGates Fence Dim 3
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96" Panels
Custom Sizes . Ex: 75",48",36"
Note: Fence panels are slope adjustable when no wood is added.


100% low voltage. No electrician required.


Questions? Want Recommendations?
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Swinging Gates [EZ-Install]

1. Lightweight


• For 6ft or less gate panels.
• Not recommended with wood.
• Comes with FREE remote.
• Disconnects for manual use.
• Excellent solar compatibility.
• Secondary arm not sold separately.

GTO PRO-SW2000XLS Gate Hardware
Retail: $904
GTO PRO-SW2002XLS Gate Hardware
Retail: $1400

2. Medium


• For 12ft or less gate panels.
• Not recommended with wood.
• Comes with one FREE remote.
• Disconnects for manual use.
• Excellent solar compatibility.
• Improved quieter design.

GTO PRO-SW3000XLS Gate Hardware
Retail: $1128
GTO PRO-SW3200XLS Gate Hardware
Retail: $696
Installation Guide

3. Heavy Duty


• For 18ft or less gate panels.
• Recommended with wood.
• Comes with one FREE remote.
• Disconnects for manual use.
• Excellent solar compatibility.
• Most luxurious swing operator.

GTO PRO-SW4000XLS Gate Hardware
Retail: $1393
GTO PRO-SW4200XLS Gate Hardware
Retail: $988
Installation Guide

Sliding Gates

1. Standard

GPX-SL25 / SL-2000Bs

• For 20ft or less gate panels.
• Recommended with wood.
• 4ft post mount included.
• Comes with one FREE remote.
• Disconnects for manual use.
• Excellent solar compatibility.
• SL-2000B REQUIRED for dual.

GTO GPX-SL25 Gate Hardware
Retail: $1465
GTO PRO-SL2000B PRO-SL2200B Gate Hardware
Retail: $3360

2. Gate Tail


• REQUIRED for sliding automation.
• Allows gateway to close completely.
• Each adds 2.5ft to outside width.
• Perfectly matches our design.
• Bolt connects to gate panels.

SG Heavy-30Tail Gate Hardware
Retail: $150

SG Heavy-30Tails Gate Hardware
Retail: $300


GTO F310 Keypad Gate Hardware
Retail: $74
Wireless Keypad
Installation Guide
Linear AK11 Keypad Gate Hardware
Retail: $231
Luxury Keypad
Installation Guide
Linear RE2 Keypad Intercom Gate Hardware
Retail: $1595
GTO F100 Gooseneck Pedestal Gate Hardware
Retail: $138
GTO RB741 Single Button Remote Gate Hardware
Retail: $22
Extra Remote
Installation Guide
GTO R4222 Photo Beams Gate Hardware
Retail: $122
Photo Beam
Installation Guide
GTO FM139 50' Exit Wand Gate Hardware
Retail: $185
50' Exit Wand
Installation Guide
GTO FM144 Electric Lock Gate Hardware
Retail: $162
Electric Lock
Installation Guide
GTO FM123 10 Watt Solar Panel Gate Hardware
Retail: $170
10W Solar Panel
Installation Guide
GTO RB500 Battery Gate Hardware
Retail: $53
Extra Battery

GTO FM345 Security Pin Lock Gate Hardware
Retail: $22
Pin Lock

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Raising your property value with quality security.

Call us for details • 650-614-5008

StandardGates Ironworks Award
StandardGates American Made Gates

The work is high quality, ★★★★★

David E.

So glad we got a motorized gate for our house that also looks great. The entire experience was smooth

Neha K.

Of all the people we have had work on our home, I would recommend StandardGates first

Kristen C.

Prompt, polite, super responsive with emails and phone calls

Melinia H.

The gate looks beautiful and really functions well. We highly recommend StandardGates

Carol L.

Easy, no-drama and we ended up with a great installation and someone we can trust

Grady B.
StandardGates Gateway Posts

Driveway Gate

Powder Coat:
Beautiful match-all black semi-gloss.
Rust resistant, environmental friendly, zinc coating.
Signature fill for greater internal weather resistance.
≈6' tall (+ finials), 5' sides with arch, includes 2" ground clearance.
(16-14g)2"x2" premium thick square tubing built to perfection.
Solo Frames:
>9'11" frames are dual styled with two bolt connectible panels.
Cross Bar:
18" from bottom. Strengthens and prepares gate for automation.
(16g)3/4" Reinforced tubing, internally welded for the cleanest appearance.
(11g)8'x4"x4" square steel tubing pre-drilled for hinges and strength.
Adjustable, bi-directional, hidden-bolt, grease fit barrel hinges.
Cane bolts and gate latches ship with particular orders.
Paint is included to correct any scratches that may occur.
Hover over each icon in the order section for more information.

Steel Fence

Powder Coat:
Beautiful match-all black semi-gloss.
Zinc galvanized for maximum weather and rust resistance.
Standard 6' tall. Includes 2" ground clearance.
(16g)1-3/16"x1" square tubing. Extremely slope adjustable without wood.
(16g)5/8" square tubing with no unsightly picket-to-rail connection points.
Spear heads pressed straight into the top of each picket.
(16g)2.5”x2.5”x9' ready to use square steel fence posts.
Bolt tightening and perfect for attaching fence panels to posts.
Hover over each icon in the order section for more information.


No electrician required. Basic direct burial, low voltage, wire.
Handy single button remote perfect for any gateway.
Wireless Keypad:
Easy programmable wireless digital access keypad.
Luxury Keypad:
Wired, constructed from metal, and ready to impress.
Highest quality keypad. Can tie into most phone systems.
Heavy steel in-ground goose-neck pedestal for keypads.
Photo Beam:
Non-contact vehicle and pedestrian protection safety.
Exit Wand:
Direct burial gate opening vehicle sensor with 50ft cable.
Electric Lock:
Holds pedestrian gates in closed potion while locked.
Solar Panel:
Convenient 10 Watt driveway gate battery charger.

CA Contractor License #858178

Doors, Gates and Activating Devices.
Structural Steel.
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Do It Yourself (DIY)

"Revolutionarily simple DIY installations."

With our guides you'll be a master in an hour.

We're here to help • 650-614-5008


Swing Manuals

Light Gate Arm(s)
Medium Gate Arm(s)
Heavy Gate Arm(s)

Slide Manuals

Solo Operator
Dual Operators

Accessory Manuals

Wireless Keypad
Luxury Keypad
Photo Beam
Exit Wand
Electric Lock
Solar Panel
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Product Portfolio

"Truly an unmatched passion for ironworks."

(650) 614-5008 •

StandardGates is a national American high quality wrought iron and wood driveway gate manufacturer and distributor with over 40 years of ironwork experience. All of our gates are built for Do it Yourself (DIY) installations and automation equipment can easily be attached at any time. Unlike our competitors; our gates are heavy duty, highly moisture resistant, internally welded, custom sized to the inch, and ready within a couple weeks; a combination you won't find anywhere else. And best of all, due to our innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, our prices are the most cost effective in the industry!

StandardGates Most Popular Gate

Most Popular Gate

Automated arched dual swing.

StandardGates Full Gateway Gate

Full Gateway

Pedestrian gate attached.

StandardGates Flat Top Gate

Flat Top Gate

Manual with cane bolt locks.

StandardGates Wide Wood Gate

Wide Wood Gate

With normal picket design.

StandardGates Wood Gate Back

Wood Gate Back

Beautiful redwood with automation.

StandardGates Narrow Wood Gate

Narrow Wood Gate

Close up of our signature pickets.

StandardGates Spear Finials Gate

Spear Finials

Upgraded security with style.

StandardGates Steel And Brick Gate

Steel And Brick

Post mounted aside existing column.

StandardGates Puppy Picket Gate

Puppy Picket Gate

Solo swing with pet protection.

StandardGates Design Universality Gate

Design Universality

Our gates match almost every style.

StandardGates Sliding Picketless Gate

Sliding Picketless Gate

With detached pedestrian gate.

StandardGates Custom Wood Gate

Custom Wood Gate

Lighter stain and corner fencing.

StandardGates Fully Upgraded Gate

Fully Upgraded

Arched, wood, finials, puppy pickets.

StandardGates Invisible Welds Gate

Invisible Welds

Close up of our signature pickets.

StandardGates Finials With Wood Gate

Finials With Wood

The perfect combination.

StandardGates Sliding Gate Rollers

Sliding Gate Rollers

Sleek behind the post design.

StandardGates National Free shipping Gate

National Free shipping

Crated, loaded, and ready to ship.

StandardGates Heavy Duty Hinges Gate

Heavy Duty Hinges

Grease barrel and hidden adjustable bolt.

StandardGates Timeless Design Fence

Timeless Design

A style to match every environment.

StandardGates Slope Adjustable Fence

Slope Adjustable

Angle adjustable for sloped terrain.

StandardGates Double Rail Fence

Double Rail

A simpler horizontal rail design.

StandardGates Custom Height Fence

Custom Height

Shorter than the standard 6ft.

StandardGates Pressed Spikes Fence

Pressed Spikes

Spear tipped for extra security.

StandardGates Perfect Finish Fence

Perfect Finish

Powder-coated smooth on both sides.

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Customer Support

Contact us about any thing any time.

(650) 614-5008 •

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