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Gates may vary minutely from diagram.

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Why buy a StandardGate?

- It significantly raises your property value.
- Reassures safety and security to your home.
- Provides a first impression of class to your guests.
- Helps stop your children and pets from leaving the property.
- Can possibly and hopefully reduce your home insurance premium.
- Made for DIY (do it yourself) installs. Potentially a $10,000+ value.
- Comes in free custom sizes. $3,000+ value (SG-01 exclusive).
- 100% free rapid shipping and handling to anywhere in the USA.
- Friendly and generous customer service.


Material: Premium thick wrought iron.
Color: Powder coated pure matte black.
Height: Approximately 6 feet; including 4 inch ground leaf buffer.
Hinge Plates: Conceals and reinforces hardware (SG-01 exclusive).
Fill: Innovative polyurethane for fortified strength (SG-01 exclusive).
SG-01 Finish: Sun and rust resistant with polyurethanation.
SG-02/03/04 Finish: Sun and rust resistant with galvanization.

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Gate Install Manual

If you have any questions at all give us a call. (650) 614-5008

1) Find an obstruction free location allowing a 4 inch clearance above the driveway.

2) Create a level string line that represents the gate's front bottom location.

3) Measure the distance between the columns future locations and mark the string.

4) Dig the holes approximately 18 x 18 x 42 inches deep.

5) Mix concrete and use it to hold the columns in place while it hardens.

6) Make sure that the columns are plumb and let concrete set for at least 24 hours.

7) Bolt the hinges to the gate post with the included hardware.

8) Hang the gate onto the posts. You may want a 2nd person for this.

9) Adjust the large hinge bolts to fine-tune any unevenness.

10) Secure the caps to the columns with any construction adhesive.

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Driveway Gates Portfolio

The StandardGates leadership team has held a strong passion for American ironworks across decades. Now by strategically re-imagining the standard of driveway gates we strive to provide all property owners with the most affordable opportunity to add both security and class to their property. We pride ourselves in knowing that our gates are always the perfect size, the best quality, installed quickly, and at all a wholesale price.

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StandardGates SG-03 Solo



StandardGates SG-04 Solo



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Our team leaders

StandardGates is growing quickly and strictly hires only those with an unmatched devotion to our customers.

StandardGates Richard Ryan

Richard Ryan

Lead Director

StandardGates Justin Vincent

Justin Vincent

Head of Sales

StandardGates Ric Ryan

Ric Ryan

CA Contractor #858178

"With their combined disciplines integrated with years of expertise in ironworks, they are the perfect team to continue advancing the gate industry."

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Customer Support

Feel free to contact us about anything to everything. (650) 614-5008
371 Brookmere Drive, San Jose, CA 95123

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